Design a Custom T-shirt For Mother’s Day

Are you on a search for the best goodies that you can supply to your mother this coming Mother’s Day? You don’t really need to obtain something fancy or anything that is brand new. You just have to look around you, be creative and be emphatically resourceful. One of the best handouts that you can give her is a custom logo t-shirt. Truly, it might be simple promotional material or freebie but it will surely melt her heart. How could that be possible? The answer is so simple.

It is not the promotional t-shirt that counts; it’s the love and effort that you are going to pour in the creation process of these special t-shirts. One of the simplest yet brilliant designs that you can infuse on these customized t-shirt is a hand print. You just have to dip your hands in paint and put it one the fabric and your Mother’s Day hand print t-shirt is done.

T-shirt Newspaper Paint Container

  1. Look for a t-shirt that would be fit your mama’s body. Make sure that it is comfortable when worn. You can always look for t-shirts that are fabricated of 100% breathable cotton. You should also look for quality and never compromise it over anything else. Hence, it will be your mother’s freebie so it has to be incredibly special. Lastly, select the color white or anything in lighter shade so the hand prints will be visible.
  2. Protect you t-shirts by pegging an ample amount of newspaper inside it. This is to avoid paint from coating the other side of the custom printed t-shirt.
  3. Prepare the fabric paint on expansive container where you can plunge your hands. Pour the paint (color of your choice) on the container and spread it evenly. Simply fix your hand on the paint and make sure to sheathe your entire hands with paint.
  4. Let your paint deplete on your hands until no droplet of paint drops. Carefully settle you hands on your logo printed t-shirt for 4-5 seconds and carefully take it out. Continue the whole process until you attain your desired hand print design.
  5. Wash you hands and let the custom logo t-shirts dry overnight. Once the paint is all dried, you can add additional slogan on your t-shirt like the best mom in the world and many others. You can do it through silk-screen technique or ordinarily be doing the applique technique.

These are the five not burdensome steps in crafting a handprint custom t-shirt for Mother’s Day. It is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5, isn’t it? For sure, your mom will be emphatically proud that she had raised a very talented and creative child like you.