Basic t-shirts

Who doesn’t own at least one T-shirt? Someone once said “to err is divine, to wear a t-shirt is just plain comfortable”. Ok, I made that up, but it’s true, what feels better than a good, old fashioned worn-in basic t-shirt? As far as I’m concerned, nothing!

How do you know if a T-shirt is of high quality? How do you know how it will wear over time? What are the best basic brands? Well, my friends, I will answer these questions for you.

A high quality basic t-shirt doesn’t have to be expensive, just well-made and made with the right fabric. So what does well-made mean? Most of the time this means it has a seamless collar, taped neck & shoulders, and double needle stitching throughout the entire garment. As far as the fabric is concerned, you want to look for pre-shrunk 100% cotton jersey fabric and ideally, ringspun or combed cotton. Ringspinning and combing are processes that add softness to the cotton and it they are noticeably softer than basic cotton. Many manufacturers make T-shirts with ringspun or combed cotton, but I like the Hanes Beefy-T, the Devon & Jones Vintage Tee and the American Apparel Fine Jersey Tee for women (sold for example at Orwell&Beckett) via Redbubble. All of these are very soft, and only get better after repeated washings.